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Jan 8, 2013 12:00am PST
up in back in new england, versus trying to raise kids in this environment and particularly in your environment of hollywood with a father who's a star? >> well, sure, and it poses challenges, especially like my autumn is the apple, the proverbial apple. she's studying theater and she wants to be an actress. education is very important and that's why i insisted that she not go right into the pool right away, that she get an education. of course, there is a lot of temptations and everything, but i think it's the same anywhere. you want to arm your children with everything that you can, impart every lesson that you can to them, talk to them and then have a level of trust in them that they've learned their lessons well, they're gonna make mistakes and you let go and let them do their thing. i think that's the truth anywhere you are in the country. hollywood might have some different challenges and there might be a certain level of difference, but i think it's the same anywhere. i think that kids can get into trouble anywhere. tavis: so you told autumn when she said to you that she want
Jan 12, 2013 12:00am PST
were allowed a place at the proverbial table, that the environment was better, that their villages and their communities were stronger economically, that their children were healthier, that there was literally no down side and everything changed and made a more stable community. you realized when women are subjugated and treated as fodder of war and even in this country when they're not allowed to be paid equally, there is a real problem in that. until we can fight and scream and kick and demand it to change and the women not be slaughtered that there were 100 million women missing off the planet this is an inequality that must stop. i became impassioned with it and i then worked for people like eve ensler who still is just a hero. i urge people to go on her website and see what she's doing this v-day, for women to stand up and scream and be known that this has to change, or vital voices which is another very important group based in washington which helps empower women to go back into the community and spread it out and teach other women and change the world. tavis: you gave me an
Jan 10, 2013 12:00am EST
part of it. again, i think there was something about being in a tough environment that gave me a certain drive. like i knew what i didn't want really early, really early, i knew what i didn't want. i knew who i didn't want to, what i didn't want to have to do, or who i didn't want to emulate. i think definitely, fortunately for me i did have a really strong mother, and i think even if your family -- i tell people who i speak to a lot even if your family -- just because they're blood doesn't mean that they necessarily give you the best advice. even if your family isn't quite there for you, find the people that support you and hang on to those people and try to let go of those that try to take you down. so i think because i had someone who was supportive to me, that helped me have just that other big of confidence, to try to, like, keep going. tavis: since you obviously know when magic is happening, what does that mean for you? just take me inside your studio. on any given night, the clock strikes midnight and you know that magic is happening, so you're going to stick around a litt
Jan 9, 2013 12:00am PST
come to be so passionate about the environment specifically? >> because i have children, because the knowledge that we are devastating our national resources and that we continue to be addicted to the very thing that is killing us, fossil fuel, chemicals, power plants that are spewing fossil fuel, that we are addicted to them. they're killing us and we are not involved enough and there's not enough money behind alternative energy and there should have been. we could have done it, we haven't done it, we have to do it. global warming is happening. climate change is here. i don't want to be the person that doesn't talk about it. i don't want to be the person that denies it. there's too much science. there was a moment in the early 90s and that was when i had my first kid. i mean, this is really selfish, you know. i had my first kid and i thought, oh, my gosh. i started learning about what was really going on. they talked about greenhouse. remember, the time magazine said, "what is the greenhouse effect?" there was a moment where we were all really motivated and then i don't know what ha
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)